Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hazy in Huskieville

It's a bit foggy in DeKalb, Ill., tonight, and the fog is not working as a home field advantage for Northern Illinois. The homestanding Huskies trail Central Michigan 30-6 with 2:50 to play in the third quarter. No photos have hit the Web yet, but I'm sure plenty of pics will pop up soon. Hey, instead of waiting for me to post photos of the fog fest, why not watch the live action on ESPN 2?

Update: Northern Illinois just put eight points on the board with a touchdown and two-point conversion. The Huskies trail now 30-14 and just recovered an onsides kick with seconds to play in the third frame.

Update II: The fog is getting thick enough to force ESPN 2 to use field-level cameras instead of the traditional broad shot. If the atmospheric conditions aren't enough excitement, the hometown Huskies are making a heck of a comeback, trailing 30-27 midway through fourth quarter.

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