Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Best Series Action Yet

Say what you will about Major League Baseball’s handling of the World Series rain delay and postponement Monday night – it seems everyone has an opinion today – but you have to admit that the rain is the most exciting storyline of this lackluster Series. Several columnists, bloggers and radio personalities are chiming in today, and most are going hard after Bud Selig. I would link to a host of stories, but you people are smart. You know how to Google. Knock yourselves out.

Wait, I do want to link to a couple of items. Here are opposing opinions of the Commish’s actions.

Bud Selig makes a bad call for baseballLA Times

And here’s the other side: (Actually, this is from MLB.com and is more of a skipping-through-a-field-of-daisies argument.)
Silver lining: Another day of baseball

By the way, in case you haven’t heard, the conclusion of Game 5 has been postponed until Wednesday night.

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