Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wimbledon, Wet Sox, Wet Birds and All Wet Rules Changes

There’s a new rule here at The Rainout Blog: Less Writing, More Photos. The rule goes into effect immediately, and… there I go writing again. So let me briefly tell you that the photo above is from Wimbledon 2007. The tournament is making news today, in April, about three months before the ’08 edition takes center stage, because Wimbledon officials have said they will not allow the tournament to be played on the middle Sunday, no matter how many rain delays the tournament suffers during its first week. Good for them. Every one who complains can suck it up. Right? Right.

In other rain out, rain delay news… the Mets and Pirates were rained out at Shea Stadium last night, and the White Sox and Orioles were suspended in the 12th inning because of persistent rain in Chicago. No date to resume the game has been announced. The start of that game was delayed more than two hours because of continuous rain that has plagued the White Sox home stand. The good news for the Damp Sox is that they’ll be playing under the roof in Minnesota over the next few days. Oh, and that Pirates at Mets contest will be played Aug. 11, which had been an off day for both teams. Don’t ya hate being called into work on your day off? At least they have a four-month notice.

All right, so much for writing less. I’ll try harder next time. I swear. Speaking of swearing, today is the 25th anniversary of this

Oh, and can you believe I wrote about wet tennis and never mentioned Maria Sharapova?

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